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There are 5 IMPORTANT things you need to know BEFORE your procedure, take a look here.

Aftercare procedure may very depending on how your skin reacts to the procedure. We prefer that you use only the healing balm or oil given to you. Using Neosporin, bacitracin or other products may cause an allergic reaction on open skin. If you experience any type of redness, irritation or pain stop using the product and phone your technician who will advise you what to do.  Follow your aftercare instructions exactly and you will have a beautiful procedure. We do our 50% to give you a beautiful procedure….While you are responsible for the other 50% with your aftercare. Together we can create a long lasting, beautiful, natural permanent makeup procedure.


There are 5 IMPORTANT things you need to know about AFTER your procedure, take a look here.

Microblading is a semi permanent technique using color pigment drawn onto the skin giving you natural looking eyebrows. The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes creating a beautifully designed brow. It’s like imitating your hair growth into fine lines and filling the gaps thus defining a 3D definition with a fuller and thicker finish.

No. Definitely not. The work involved with eyebrow embroidery is only performed on the skin surface. Microblading will be a MUCH SAFER treatment than eyebrow tattoos. This technique deposits colored pigments in the upper layers of the dermis. The color can also be adjusted in alignment with the original eyebrow hair color, which results to a realistic look and feel. It is a method whereby colors are inserted to the upper layers of the skin where it lasts only 1-2 years depending on the skin retention of colors. The process will take around 2 hrs.

Pain is relative. We use the most effective topical anesthesia’s available. There are several things to consider prior to your procedure, no caffeine, no alcohol, do not schedule your appointment around your menstrual cycle as all of these make you more sensitive. Some say tweezing their eyebrows is more painful that have permanent makeup.

Yes, if you are under a physician’s care we want you to obtain a release written on their prescription note pad stating that it is safe for you to have a procedure performed. Your health care provider will know if you will heal without any complications. if you are prone to infections or have a compromised immune system. Contraindications include but are not limited to: Blood thinners, heart medications, aspirin or products containing aspirin, medications for any disease like diabetes, lupus or any autoimmune disease. Also any vitamins or supplements that thin the blood would need to be stopped prior to your procedure but only with the consent of your health care provider.

Your eyebrows will look beautiful, but depending on how many times we had to go over an area to implant the pigment, your skin may show very little signs of trauma or may be swollen and red. The area will appear darker at first because of the blood and lymph that has been brought to the surface during the permanent makeup application. The procedure area tissue will crust a bit and this tissue will slough off usually within 5-7 days leaving you with a softer color. This will be repeated at your touch up appointment.  The color will fade between 40-70%.

Your facial features and bone structure is measured to determine the best eyebrow shape for your face.  The eyebrow is first drawn with makeup, then the client can decide if she likes how thick it is, where its positioned, if the arch is perfect and if the overall shape is what they desire.  Only after the client has approved and is satisfied with the drawn shape will the permanent procedure begin.

A consultation is not required. We usually recommend you to come in for a consultation if you have had a previous tattoo on your eyebrows, or if you have a skin condition that needs to be evaluated. Feel free to book a consultation here.






A 48 hour cancellation notice is REQUIRED in order to cancel any appointment. 

To avoid unfair delays to clients, if you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment it will be necessary to reschedule.

We always appreciate your business and thank you for understanding.

CHILDEREN/MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED Unless they have an appointment.

If you fail to cancel your appointment prior to the 48 hours the deposit becomes non-refundable and an additional deposit will be required to make a new appointment reservation.  Any refunds will be charged a 5% fee.

A deposit of a $100 is required to schedule an appointment.   The deposit will be deducted off your procedure after its complete.   If you are a new client please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paper work.


We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force you to postpone/reschedule your procedure. Please understand that such changes affect not only your technician, but other clients as well. If you choose to reschedule your appointment, a minimum 48 hours advance notice is required or the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you DO NOT reschedule you will lose your deposit and any other future appointments will require another $100 deposit to secure your appointment.

Any client that does NOT show for a scheduled appointment, or arrives to the appointment 15 minutes or more late, will forfeit their deposit  or 50% of their procedure will be charged.  Also, will be required to pay for any future appointments in full plus the fee for the missed appointment/s before being rescheduled. 

We love children & babies, but Brows By Milly Microblading Artists is not a place for them.  Due to safety issues, we cannot have children or babies in the treatment rooms as we use hot wax and sugaring. 

We also cannot have children or babies in the waiting room as we cannot be responsible for them if they are left alone.  In addition, we have limited space and sometimes clients use inappropriate words.

We also request that males who DO NOT have an appointment at Sweet Peach do not linger in the waiting area.  If your husband, boyfriend, brother or bodyguard accompanies you to your appointment, please have them wait for you elsewhere (he’d rather probably be having beer/coffee or walking around anyway).